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Our BEST program is changing the industry and delivering immediate benefits to our customers.

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At Noribachi we offer a wide range of US made fixtures with the highest quality. We may have already made the perfect fixture for you BUT if not, then let's build exactly what you need. We rapidly build in small quantities every day to satisfy customers' specifications.


Consult with us

Our lighting specialists will work with you to quickly understand your needs and provide a "BEST plan" which includes the exact specifications of a fixture, an unbeatable price and a delivery plan which suits your needs. We overnight ship for those emergency situations!


Let "BEST" do the work

Once a BEST plan is accepted, we simply push "GO" and our BEST manufacturing software will coordinate the entire process on the factory floor to delivery at your location in as fast as 3 days. We stand by our products and our Service Representatives will help you should any issues arise after delivery.

Affiliates Program

If you are a contractor, we have a special affiliates program designed to put money in your pocket.

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Learn About Lighting

From Lumens to Luminaries, understand the ins and outs of lighting. Don't worry, there won't be a quiz.



See for yourself some of the ways Noribachi has cast light for our customers.

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Hazard Lights
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Vapor Proof
LED Retrofit Kits

We carry hundreds of products across many more categories of lights.

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Technology Ready

When is a light not just a light? When it's also a fully-networked sensor powerhouse!

Ready to Design Your Own Light?

We are a bespoke manufacturer... work with us to design your perfect light!


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Check out our bright, LED industrial high bay lighting by Noribachi. Manufacturer-direct pricing and delivery. Building owners, electrical contractors, and do-it-yourselfers welcome.

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We carry a wide range of color and spectrum options for applications ranging from horticulture to aquarium lighting. If you don't see the spectrum you need, we'll make it custom!

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Brighten up your building or add a splash of light for extra visitor attention. We carry a wide assortment of wallpacks to handle almost any building or walkway. We also offer sensors for reduced energy usage.


Looking for that hard to find special lighting to perfect an architectural design? We carry a broad range of color and white lighting as well as a full line of DMX controlled RGBW lighting.

The LA Conservation Corps helps improve lives of young adults while benefiting the community. Please join Noribachi and get involved!